McDonald's Operations Consultant in Tampa, Florida


Job Description:



To provide leadership, coaching, and direction to their patch through people development and improved restaurant operations, to maximize the long-term sales and profit of each restaurant. Consistently demonstrates McDonald's values and leadership behaviors to build positive business relationships with key customers including the Operations Manager, Restaurant Leadership Team, Crew and Customers

Position will primarily be located around the Central Florida area.

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United States

EOE Statement:

McDonald’s Corporation is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Minimum Requirements:

· Strong attention to detail

· Effective time management skills

· Strong interpersonal skills

  • Recognizes patterns and develops intuition around common restaurant performance issues

  • Strong business acumen and proven ability to identify root causes and key performance drivers

  • Leverages resources and best practices across the organization to support regional marketing teams

  • Deeply understands key performance drivers of restaurant operations and how to capitalize on them

  • Flexible thinker capable of addressing diverse restaurant issues

  • Uses data to drive decision-making and recommendations

  • Trustworthy, influential coach that can build skills and capabilities

  • Exceptional and effective verbal and written business/professional communication

  • Experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry is preferred.

  • Position will primary located around the Sebring, FL area.




  • Champions the McDonald's the People Promise by personally demonstrating, reinforcing and following-up on the 5 people drivers to gain commitment from managers and crew:

  • Respect and recognition (e.g., crew and manager schedules, reward and recognition program)

  • Resources to get the job done (e.g., uniforms, crew room, equipment to get job done)

  • Values and Leadership behaviors (e.g., adherence to policies and procedures, crew and manager communications, act on issues raised by crew and managers appropriately, employee commitment survey and action plans)

  • Competitive Pay and Benefits (e.g., communication and execution of wage and review program for crew and managers and ensures performance reviews process)

  • Learning, development and personal growth (e.g., crew orientation, crew training through CDP, and management training and development through Individual Development Plans - IDPs)

Ensures that all restaurants in patch are adequately staffed (through quality hiring and retention) to maximize sales potential.

Collaborates with Operations Manager and Store Manager to ensure that individual performance targets are established (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound), performance reviews are conducted on-time and communicated one-on-one, Performance Improvement Plans are implemented, and performance results are corrected or complimented.

Involved in and participates in the recruiting, interviewing, and selecting of all managers based on profit center staffing needs and goals and diversity staffing objectives.

Knows and educates restaurant management on all appropriate HR policies, labor laws, security and safety procedures and ensures compliance at the restaurant level.

Partners with Training and HR staff to build capability to deliver on the People Promise in the restaurants to achieve desired business results.

Chooses the appropriate consulting approach (e.g., directive, supportive, coaching, collaborative) based on the level of performance of each restaurant.

QSC/Sales Building

Protects the McDonalds brand by ensuring that restaurants meet McDonald's QSC operational standards, food safety standards, and labor laws.

Demonstrates Customer-First Service by consistently observing restaurant operations, troubleshooting shift management, taking on-the-spot corrective actions, and recognizing successes.

Proactively teaches and coaches restaurant managers and restaurant leadership teams to execute the 12 restaurant systems (QSC Play book) that produce consistently high levels of QSC.

Partners with ROIP Subject Matter Expert (e.g., Operations Consultant, Training Consultant, Operations Integrity Coach) to conduct ROIP system review day and develops action plan to address 3 systems targeted for improvement.

Responsible for the execution of the action plan in each restaurant to ensure that systems are improved and targeted results are achieved.

Ensures that restaurants properly execute Local Store Marketing (LSM), national and co-op promotions and the execution of new products and processes.

Business Results

Collaborates with the Operations Manager to develop the annual business plan for the Profit Center.

Uses all information resources available (e.g. Restaurant data, FOR/SOR, Mystery Shop, 800-number, Bottom-Line commitment, QCR, Operations Report, P&L) to identify opportunities and threats to optimizing restaurant potential and adjusts business plan tactics accordingly.

Consults and is accountable for creating a positive work environment while working shoulder-to-shoulder with restaurant managers and restaurant leadership team to accomplish business results (increased customer counts, increased sales and increased profits).

Completes various audits to ensure that their restaurants meet McDonald's standard practices and procedures (e.g., cash, security).

Job Title:

Operations Consultant