McDonald's Restaurant Maintenance HVAC Refrigeration in Jaksonville, Florida

Restaurant Maintenance HVAC Refrigeration

at the following location(s):

US1 3371 inc - Jaksonville, FL


Refrigeration Technician Responsibilities. Include: Providing service and support during field visits or dispatches to our restaurant locations. Managing all on site installation, repair, maintenance and test tasks of small equipment, that includes electrical, and refrigeration units.

Note that this job is been promoted with in 9 different locations of McDonald's but this job will be to serve multiple locations.


Please do not apply for this job if you do not meet qualifications, you can also apply for crew or manager if you do not qualify for this job... all applications that does not meet requirements will be declined. Thank you

REQUIRED: minimum of 2 years of experience, and Most be certified to work with refrigeration and electrical equipment (EPA certification), Experience with low & high voltage wiring. You must have a valid Florida driver's license, If you had work for other McDonald's restaurants fixing their equipment it would be a plus.

Additional Info:

Most be willing to take a Background check to get access to company property, and other locations that we manage. Most be willing to perform random drug test as well. If you choose to apply for this job we will need to have you list your previous 3 employers including the name and number of the supervisor or human resources contact information for each previous employer for verification purposes. A minimum of 2 years experience IS A MOST.

Additional information with pay and benefits will be disclosed during final interview if you choose to take the job.

McDonald’s Corporation is an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce.